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ThunderCloud employee spotlight: free-spirited “wild child” Sadie Wolfe

September 4th, 2015

Native Austinite Sadie Wolfe has been working at ThunderCloud Subs on South Lamar for two years. You’ll only find her there about six months out of the year, though, because she’s traveling the world playing music festivals and sold-out shows with her seven-member indie/pop/funk band Wild Child the other six months of the year.

Incorporating violin, ukulele, cello, piano, bass, banjo, and horns in ways that few bands could conceive of today, Wild Child has won back-to-back honors as the city’s Best Indie Band at the Austin Music Awards. The Austin American-Statesman has anointed Wild Child as “Austin’s next national breakout act,” and we think it’s safe to say that this group is on their way to stardom.

Free-spirited and adventurous Sadie plays electric cello for the band, and her favorite part of touring is getting to meet new people all over the world. “Going through different cities, you start to develop friendships with amazing people you wouldn’t normally meet,” says Sadie.

While Sadie loves touring with Wild Child, she says she’ll always call Austin and ThunderCloud her home. Her favorite part of working at the South Lamar Blvd. store is the people. “The group of people who work there are awesome. Everyone hangs out with each other, and it’s a fun work environment.”

Sadie’s Austin musician friends also come visit her at the South Lamar store when she’s in town taking a break from touring, and she loves getting to visit with all of them—as well as the other smiling facing and friendly folks who come in every day.

Long before her music career with Wild Child began, Sadie started playing the acoustic cello in sixth grade at Barton Hills Elementary School. Sometimes Sadie’s former teachers come into the store for lunch, and it’s always a fun blast from the past for her to get to catch up with them.

Her favorite ThunderCloud sub is the Egg Salad Sandwich, in part because it’s made with free range eggs from local company Vital Farms. Sadie tries to eat organic foods whenever possible and occasionally does her own food gardening.

Wild Child’s third and latest album (Sadie’s favorite so far) is set to debut in October. The band members collaborated more on this album than they have on others in the past, and their hard work has paid off because it’s one of the Austin’s anticipated albums of the fall.

Fools” and “Reno” are two of Sadie’s favorite Wild Child songs, so for those of you who’ve never heard Wild Child before and want to hear what they’re about, we recommend starting there.

You can follow Wild Child on Facebook and check out their website for the latest tour dates, and of course feel free to drop into ThunderCloud on South Lamar to grab lunch and say hello to Sadie.


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