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Employee Spotlight: professional skateboarder Colton Swim

December 7th, 2016

To those familiar with their local ThunderCloud Subs, the sight of a manager praising a staff member is a common occurrence. Yet, the string of glowing compliments coworkers have for Colton Swim is something else entirely. Described as “wonderful,” “super top-notch,” and “cool as a cucumber,” Colton is a favorite among his 12th Street ThunderCrew.

From talking to Colton, it’s clear the feeling is mutual. He loves his job, coworkers, boss, and the friendly environment at ThunderCloud. Colton says that, although he likes ThunderCloud’s vegetarian options such as the Veggie Delite, his current favorite item on the menu is the fresh-baked cookies. “I can’t help those!” he admits with a laugh.

Colton’s peers enjoy working with him and also admire his humility— especially considering the fact that Colton is a world-ranked professional skateboarder. Working at ThunderCloud has allowed him to further his passion for skateboarding. He often bombs down the 12th Street hill to get to work in record time. When his shift ends, he skates a block over to the Austin BMX and Skate Park to practice his skills, and sometimes to compete.

Colton has been a finalist in several local skateboarding events, and the local skate shop No Comply sponsors him as a team member. His passion for skateboarding has led him to compete in Brazil, and skate in urban China. Colton says China’s modern plazas covered in marble made it the perfect skate spot, but he admits the food there wasn’t as good as ThunderCloud Subs.

For Colton, actions speak louder than words, so check out this video of his skateboarding in action if you want to see more!

Colton Swim

Colton Swim

Colton Swim

Colton Swim

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