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Employee Spotlight: coloring outside the lines with Nathan Wolfers

May 1st, 2016


Tie-dye master, family man, and manager of our Georgetown store Nathan Wolfers is taking ThunderCloud Sub’s funk-a-delic vibes to the next level with his brilliant tie-dye art.

He made the massive wall of tie-dye curtains at the Georgetown store with six separate panels, each 10 feet tall, and all done by hand. The project took him about 20 hours to complete. And if you’ve ever seen a tie-dye ThunderCloud T-shirt around town or on one of our employees at your neighborhood shop, it’s Nathan’s handwork. He uses a stencil to screen-print the logo on the shirts and then dyes each one by hand so they’re all slightly different.

Nathan has tie-dyed groovy tapestries, jackets, sheets, pants, dress shirts, curtains, and more. His techniques are a lot more intricate than the rubber-banding skills you picked up in kindergarten, though. In fact, real tie-dyeing is a multilayer process involving a blend of applied chemistry, geometry, visualization, and artistic technique. When successfully merged, the combination results in elaborate images of brilliant and durable color— a reflection of the artist’s imagination.

Nathan and wife Leah (who’s also a talented artist and former ThunderCloud employee!) recently had a baby so he hasn’t been doing as much tie-dyeing lately. Most of Nathan’s spare time—and space around the house—has been consumed with the joys of new parenthood. His love for tie-dye is no doubt a fun activity he’ll share with his kids one day. Keep up the far-out work, Nathan!


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