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Employee profile: Natasha Tatter

February 13th, 2017

South Lamar employee breathes life into her paintings

Aristotle once said: “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” This quote rings especially true with Natasha Tatter, a talented painter and seven-year employee at our South Lamar store.

Natasha is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and this vibrant artist brightens up the South Lamar store with her infectious good vibes the moment she walks in the door.

Many of Natasha’s paintings focus on the intersection of human nature and Mother Nature. She also does abstract portraits and portraits of pets. “I aim to connect the viewers through universal internal experiences: sensation, perception, and emotion,” says Natasha.

Painting comes naturally to this gifted young Austinite. Natasha is self-taught, but had examples of other artists in her family, including her uncle, stepmother, and aunt. She started painting when she was barely old enough to hold a paintbrush, but it wasn’t until she moved to Austin from Santa Fe, New Mexico at age 19 that she began oil painting.

Spunky and free-spirited Natasha lives in a South Austin house with a roommate. Over the years, Natasha has lived with many of her fellow co-workers and jokes that ThunderCloud employees make the best roommates.

The budding artist recently sold her first commissioned painting—a custom pet portrait—to a regular ThunderCloud customer at the South Lamar store. The painting features a quirky black and gray dog and perfectly captures the dog’s spirit. “I choose the colors I think reflect the pet’s personality,” says Natasha.

Three of her brilliant oil paintings are displayed on the walls of ThunderCloud on South Lamar and are available for purchase. One of the pieces is especially dear to her: a painting of her cat that recently died. (Although Natasha misses her furry friend, she gets her fill of kitten snuggles from her roommate’s cat.)

Her favorite ThunderCloud sub? The New York Italian with spicy peppers and spicy mustard. Clearly, a woman of good taste, not only when it comes to art but also food!

You can follow Natasha’s art on Facebook and Instagram to see her latest pieces, and also drop into ThunderCloud on South Lamar to grab lunch and say hello!

Natasha with her three oil paintings on display at ThunderCloud on South Lamar where she works.

The pet portrait commissioned by one of Natasha’s regular ThunderCloud customers is also featured on her unique business cards.

One of Natasha’s distinctive and captivating abstracts that blends the human form with nature.

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