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Cole Fried Fish strikes the right note and keeps the good times rolling 

October 27th, 2017

Rock ‘n roll band Cole Fried Fish will be entertaining us with their music stylings at the 2017 ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day! This will be their fourth year in a row to perform at the Trot, and we’re thrilled to have this ferociously talented band take center stage again this year.

Cole Fried Fish is a rock and roll band from here in the live music capital of the world. This hard-hitting, three-piece Austin, Texas rock group is made up of members Kevin Coleman (guitar), Curtis Fried (bass), and Mark Salmon (drummer). The trio of seasoned artists have been playing in bands since they were 12 years old, and now they’re in their ‘50s and still playing the music that moves them, both their own original tunes and some of their favorite cover songs.

Bandleader Kevin Coleman says, “I love playing the Turkey Trot! It’s one of our favorite events, and is so good for my soul. The vibe is something that is hard to describe. It’s become a tradition for us, and now I can’t fathom Thanksgiving without playing for the thousands who attend. The Turkey Trot is an amazing event that is truly one of the greatest gifts any company has given back to the community, and we love being part of it.”  This year, the band will debut a new song that they wrote just for the Trot.

Over the years, the band members have played with the likes of Joe Rock Head, Apogee, Jump Cats, La Blues Band, Uranium Savages, Hooker, Your Move, Jumpstart, Tomas Ramirez, and Tex Thomas. Some of Cole Fried Fish’s popular original songs include “Love to Watch Her Go,” “Jacked Up,” “No More,” and “If Lies Were Riches.”

Please give Cole Fried Fish a warm welcome and big round of applause when they step up to the stage at the Long Center this Thanksgiving to provide us with the soundtrack to what’s sure to be yet another unforgettable Trot!

For more information about the band, check them out on Facebook and at

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