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A Manager named Metal Mike? Why Metal Mike?

August 27th, 2015

Tucked in the Anderson Mill Shopping Center, our Lake Creek store is home to one of the ThunderCloud family’s biggest personalities: Metal Mike, who has worked at ThunderCloud for 10 years and has managed the Lake Creek store for the past three years.

Metal Mike has hosted his own radio show called Mid morning Mosh on KAOS Radio Austin for many years. The show features heavy metal music (thus “Metal Mike”) and airs on Mondays from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

An Austin native, Mike grew up on ThunderCloud Subs and frequented the Highway 290 location with his mom when he was a kid. Back then, his go-to ThunderCloud sandwich was the Classic Club, but his favorite has changed many times over the years. Right now, his number one sub is the New York Italian.

When he’s not jamming with his band, Mike enjoys playing disc golf— so much in fact, that he’s a member of three different disc golf clubs: the Round Rock Disc Golf Club, Sooner Disc Golf Club, and Waterloo Disc Golf Club. He also drives a Smart Car, the tiniest darn car you’ve ever seen. Mike, who is as big and burly of a man as they come—think Paul Bunyan with a heavy metal rocker flare—can barely fit in the tiny car and it’s pretty hilarious to catch him cruising around in it.

The Lake Creek shop opened in 1989 and has 10 employees and many of them have been there for more than 10 years. The store has a lot of customers from Westwood High School who come in for lunch on a regular basis and most of them know Metal Mike by name—he wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep on rockin’ on, Metal Mike!



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