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2, 4, 6, 8! Subs are best at your tailgate!

October 7th, 2017

Whether you prefer that your team hook ’em, gig ’em, wreck ’em or something else, nothing says fall in Texas like football season. And nothing jazzes up a tailgate like party trays from ThunderCloud Subs. Fresh ingredients layered between our signature scratch-made bread and dashed with a zing of ThunderSauce are all you need to cheer your team to victory this weekend.

Choose from our Classic Party Tray with turkey, ham, and roast beef or our Signature Party Tray with Classic Club, California Club and NY Italian subs. And remember, we can also customize your party tray subs however you like and custom orders (including vegetarian options!) are also available to meet your special needs. So pack your camping chairs, invite 15 to 20 of your closest friends down to the stadium parking lot, and enjoy some fast, fresh and healthy fun. Best of all? You can eat our subs with one hand while you wave those pom-poms in the other!


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