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Employee Spotlight: Trivia buff Dylan DeDiPippo

August 24th, 2017


At ThunderCloud Subs, every employee is a bona fide sandwich authority, a skillful sub stacker, a crack cold cut connoisseur, and a meticulous meat master. However, New Braunfels manager Dylan DePippo is a double threat because of his expertise in both sandwiches and trivia.

For Dylan, becoming a manager has been “the absolute highlight” of the ten years he has worked for ThunderCloud. He says that since the day he began working for ThunderCloud, it was something he wanted and actively pursued. Dylan feels grateful he earned the position at the young age of 22 and says he still finds the job thrilling every day, which is good considering Dylan’s hobby is often as thrilling as lunch rush hour at ThunderCloud.

Most Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can find Dylan hosting trivia night at the Tobacco Haus, a German establishment in New Braunfels. He mostly plays the role of the master of ceremonies, meaning he trades question-writing and presenting duties with his host partner. While this may sound trivial, Dylan argues these events can get rowdy, especially if there is a contested trivia question. He recounts one night where his partner who wrote all the questions was out of town, and Dylan subsequently had to host a trivia night without a total grasp on the answers. When he asked the question “What decade were aluminum bats first used in Major League Baseball?” Dylan correctly expected the answer to be never, but to his great surprise, the board inexplicably read 1970. “I had five people go off on me,” Dylan said, ” This one guy stands up like ‘Can you name which player? Which team?’ And I was like ‘Man, I don’t know, I didn’t write these!”

Needless to say, Dylan knows his way around a game of trivia, and he offered some “expert level” trivia questions for hardcore ThunderCloud fans:


1. What year was ThunderCloud founded?

2. How many pieces of bologna on an American classic?

3. How many ThunderCloud Subs are located in Central Texas? 31

4. How many ThunderCloud Subs are located in New Braunfels?

5. BONUS ROUND: What is Dylan’s favorite sub?

Answers:       1. 1975      2. Three pieces of bologna      3. Thirty-one stores in Central Texas      4. Only one (Dylan’s store!)      5. New York Italian

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