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Employee Spotlight

Meet ThunderCloud’s operations manager

Paul Sughrue is a gifted musician, adventure seeker, and family man— among many other things. Here at ThunderCloud, we’re lucky enough to have him as our stellar operations manager. Growing up as a part of our ThunderFamily, Paul has worked for ThunderCloud Subs in almost every capacity. In his early teens he painted and helped  Read more

Employee Spotlight Thundercloud 

Employee profile: Natasha Tatter

South Lamar employee breathes life into her paintings Aristotle once said: “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” This quote rings especially true with Natasha Tatter, a talented painter and seven-year employee at our South Lamar store. Natasha is rarely seen without a smile on  Read more

Employee Spotlight Thundercloud 

Employee Spotlight: professional skateboarder Colton Swim

To those familiar with their local ThunderCloud Subs, the sight of a manager praising a staff member is a common occurrence. Yet, the string of glowing compliments coworkers have for Colton Swim is something else entirely. Described as “wonderful,” “super top-notch,” and “cool as a cucumber,” Colton is a favorite among his 12th Street ThunderCrew.  Read more

Employee Spotlight News 

Employee Spotlight: music show connoisseur Tony Maldonado

With dreadlocks and an infectious smile, Tony Maldonado rocks and rolls to his own beat. He has been the manager of ThunderCloud’s Dripping Springs store since the location opened more than five years ago, and he sees hundreds of live music shows a year—literally hundreds! Tony lives in South Austin and has been to every  Read more

Employee Spotlight Thundercloud 

Employee Spotlight on David Cohen: Time flies (literally) when you’re having fun!

ThunderCloud Subs’ David Cohen brings new meaning to the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun.” David, director of development for ThunderCloud, is also a hobbyist pilot and has spent the last year refurbishing a 1966 Mooney M20E airplane. The Mooney, manufactured in Kerrville, is a real beauty and purrs like a kitten, but it  Read more

Employee Spotlight Thundercloud 

Employee Spotlight: coloring outside the lines with Nathan Wolfers

Tie-dye master, family man, and manager of our Georgetown store Nathan Wolfers is taking ThunderCloud Sub’s funk-a-delic vibes to the next level with his brilliant tie-dye art. He made the massive wall of tie-dye curtains at the Georgetown store with six separate panels, each 10 feet tall, and all done by hand. The project took  Read more

Employee Spotlight